Thursday, July 5, 2007

and then..

I read somewhere, that we often find ourselves chasing after that which we cannot have. I am the worst at this. I find myself obsessing over whatver it is and wondering how i could have gone about it differently. Why didnt i get it wahtever it was? So many times i have been told to give it up. That once was will never be again. But I never get the message soon enough. I resist the clues. Act like i cant see/or hear them. Maybe bd i dont want to. I think that many of us are like this. We think we need /want something so badly. Maybe it wil improve our lives in some way. We keep chasing after whatever it is until we run out of steam. Become totally consumed by exaustion and frustraion wondering why we havent conquered it yet. Well, somany of us are too thick headed to see the truth for what it is. Thingds change. We change. And often what we want isnt right for us. Despite how many times we mull it over and think it is so grt. This is life. And often it gets us down. We sort of have to start over. Look for something new to go after. And ocne again the cycle continues lol. For many us we just dont learn. But the rest of you that do you should consider yourself lucky. Lucky that you dont wast your time on foolish things you will never get/have. Bc you know unlike the rest of us, that you are better off using your time more wisely.
If you havent already heard it, listen to this song. It is slow kind of deep but it hits the point.
India Arie- Ready For Love Acoustic Soul

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