Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where Are You?

I know i have no patience. I am sorry that i am like that. But how long does one have to wait to get a respond when tyhey send you an email? Considering the circumstances of our relationship i think that a week is kind of rediculous. But then again. i am impatient. So i suck in that dept. I suck in not being able to know how you are, if you are thinking of me, or even wondering at all how my am. And I suck at being a more confident woman. Awoman who shouldnt give such a crap about what anyone, thinks or does not think of her. Especially you. You dont deserve me. Youhave no repsect for me and who i am. Suggesting that i might be slightly obsessive bc i wait four days to hear from you, and then feel the need to write you again. Or at least ask you if you are ok. And i guess that's bad. So i suck at all of this. And i hate that i do. Thanks for making me feel like shit- Now it has been a week, you are supposedly back home. You have not even bothered to calle me, text me. or even emial me back. So i guess now i sick at not accepting the truth about how you really feel about me. Yeah this whole realtionship, week, month , yr , sucks.

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