Tuesday, November 27, 2007

too late..

I wanted to call you so badly!! I kept thinking in my head 'oh i have got to call her". Then i decided i just wanted to come see you. So i had plans with your little princess to see you saturaday Well she changed her mind and decided we shouldnt go. She even suggested i wait. Well, now it is too late. I was so stupid too wait. I can no longer call you, no longer hang out with you, and i will never have the answers i am looking for. Most importantly, i will never be able to know you like i wanted to. And for that i am so sorry!! I wish i could tell oyu that. I hope you know that i loved you even if i rarely said it.

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Teebok said...

I would hold my breath for a really long time to be with that girl haha...but yeah I'm back...but not for a long time, I've been hitting the books pretty hard or trying too. I HAVE to start doing better in school or I just can't get to where I want to get. It's tough sometimes because a lot of my friends are complacent with being just the average joe, but I want to be that guy on the street everyone is jealous of. Haha...well keep in touch and I hope to hear from you. Drop more messages, I check the blog, but usually don't post, but if there's a message I'll more than likely respond!