Thursday, February 28, 2008

always a nice compliment,.....

when someone tells that your feelings are "rediculous".
i know that i am notthe fancyest dress in the closet, but i do think that i am fairl normal and ahave a decent head on ym shoulders. So when a man tells me that my missing him, and wanting to see him , is rediculous, it kind of makes me wonder. Am i crazy or is he gay? We got into a huge fight and broke up bc i misunderstood some half-ass commnet he threw atme over im, as not being a joke! Well we al know, at least i thought we did, that certains things dont always comes across the way we intended when using any form of text.! So i am the reiduclous idiot that is wasting his time becuase i got upset andfound his comment, rather rude, mean to say the least. So I appologize and it becomes "rediculous banter". Ok So my feelings are rediculous and a bunch of banter. And now i feel like shit been crying all morning- but i guess he feels good and that's all that matters right? bc my feelings are nothing less than rediculous.
Thei have to ask, has the whole past yr + been rediculous? hhhmm, bring on the tears of embarassment,.

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