Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Normally i am not one to indulge others with the ongoings of my health or worse my wt lol.
But since i am feeling adventerous I thought i would go ahead. Out of sheer depseration i have started a new, lets call it , healthy eating plan. To keep some of my dignity lol, i will refrain from mentioning which one it is . Not too hard to figure out since there ads are on the tv like every two minutes! lol. Anyways, i fell into this really bad habbit of eating out way too much! Over the last year i have eaten more than i ever have in my life !!! lol I am totally addicted to fast food, take out, or sit - down anywhere and stuff my fat ass eating!! lol. So yesterday i started my plan hoping tototally reduce my portion sizes- given i worked my butt off to lose forty pounds four yr ago and let just say i am not too please with myself! ggrrr bad girl!! lol . Yay i made it through the first day! It realy wasnt bad. I did great, no cheating. and i wasnt that hungry - which is really something . I have decided that my goal is to make it hrough this week and if i do a good job i am so hitting DAIRY QUEEN!!!! YAY!!!! I want one of those chocolate bowls so bad!! LOL. Hey if i can behave for a whole week i see nothing wrong with a little reward. Besides i jsut added up my calories for yesterday and wow- a measly 680 . Hmm that is not even half what i would normally intake. I did good. Not i just need to get back to that intimate relationship i had with tready! God love him! He puts up with so much from me!!! And he keeps on going!! LOL. He even shares me with Hex- wts that is lol. Yup gotta hit the gym! Less is more YAY!!

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