Saturday, June 14, 2008


OK so eplain to me how it is you Think you can know someone at least half know them for over a yr and then find out that they never cared a damn for you??????
Am i THAT stupid?? If someone emails , chats with me every day, see me for lunch or coffee once a month or so (bc we are so busy) but we talk almost daily doesnt that require some kind of liking of what i have to offer???
I am so stunned and disappointed i dont evenknow what to think. WHy would anyone waste all that time and say all those things to me if they never cared a shit about me? And why would one be that fucking mean???
I seriously feel like i have been played for the biggest fool ever!!! And at the same time i miss this person!! How insane is that?? Why does this happen to me?? If i dont like being around or even talking that much to someone i usually say the decent 'hello" and move on. I cant even fake it past that!
Worst of al is why do i feel like i did something wrong??? Why do i feel so shitty while this person is out and about all happy as a clam??
I guess i have eaten wat too many bowls of stupid for breakfast!!!
Doesnt seem fair.

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