Monday, July 14, 2008

birthday blues...

yah i have 'em. ugh. sigh. i dont know why but i do. i guess i was being childish but i really wanted to do some thing fun for my birthday. I wanted to go out to dinner maybe the movies just hang with friends - you know have some fun lol.
but none of that occured. i did get a really great cake from one of my gf's. i gave her some to take home- damn that was good cake lol
I never heard from him- i havent in a week. the emails i have received are not the usual and obviously of a moved-on sort of nature. i remebered his. oh well.
i have decided that next yr i am having a big party- all day outside. with drinks and music and a bon fire at night! and tons of cake and food :)
that will be fun! I just want lots of friends and some fam there and for everyone to have a really fun time!! i will set that as my goal for my next brithday . see what happens.

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