Tuesday, July 29, 2008

how stupid can you possibly be?

you ever notice how stupid some ppl are ?? what the hell? how can someone be so fucking stupid and make it out alive? lol. ok so i changed my celll number over a month ago- and miss stupidity just now notices?? AND she has to ask " so am i suppose to call you on your home phone? i mean how do i get ahold of you? all i have is your emial and your home number " MY HOME PHONE YOU IDIOT LOL. Obvisouly i dont want you calling my cell phone if i didnt offer up the new number and you never asked for it!! OMG someone help. Bc then she proceeds like this :
" but what if that phone doesnt work? then what? should i really call you onthat phone?"
i reply:
"yes it works fine and it has been that way for a month. i told you over a month ago that i changed my cell number and i am no longer using it for business calls." at least not for her calls lol.
I know i have my blonde moments- but seriously they are not that bad!!!

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