Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Have you ever met someone who was just plain selfish? I mean really totally selfish? If you have something they need or want, they will jsut help themselves without asking you? If they get into trouble or hurt they think we owe them bc they are entitled! Entitled to what?? And why is it my problem if someone else has an issue? Maybe that sounds selfish of me but hell , dont i have issues? and what about my issues? If i am expected to become absorbed with someone else's problems then that means i dont get any help with my own! So am i jsut suppose to put my shit on the back burner? I love helping ppl . It is what i do. i enjoy it . But i do not enjoy it when they think i owe them more than just a helping a hand! That's bullshit! And my stuff is not their stuff! I didnt work this hard and long to buy things for other ppl to just access at their convenience! Who the f does that?????
Apparetnly not me - and maybe i need too-

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