Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So a little time has healed me some. As they say it does lol. And i am thinking i am doing so much better feeling bettter getting along fine in my life. Then BAM. On comes the flood of feelings, feelings i thought i was past. And i hate it. This sucks feeling this way. I really wish these thoughts would have never crept back into my mind .........Mostly, it sucks that this other person probably NEVER has this happen to them! I doubt they ever think of me. Never curious how i am . or what i am up to in my life. No. But i do . WHy? That is what i always ask myself. Why do i always have to be t he one to miss the other person? To care so much? I know it osunds really bad but sometimes i just wish i could be more of a bitch than i am lol.

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