Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yeah thats me. A procrastinator, er, eh you get it. I have looked at my blog everyday for the last week. I have not felt like writing a word except to do it later. I guess this is later lol. I dont know why i do it. It totally frustrates me . I mean what i could get done in a day i put off for another. Why? I always ask my self that. Have no clue. Except laziness. Pure laziness. Perhaps. But i guess if thats the worst thing i do then so be it. Well, today was a busy day. I gots lots done lol. But the best part of this day is that iget the bed to myself tonight hehehe. I am so mean. I like my space. I cant help it. I am sure i am not the only one either. Well, on to another sub. Business sucks. I have now been open for six weeks. Not one client. I dont know. I am so frustrated. I have my ads going, my mouth spreading the word. I dont know what else t o do . Money is running out. They say 90% of businesses fail within the first yr. I refuse t o be included in that category. I hope to figure something out soon. This looming feeling of failure is not fun.

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