Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hmm, wii or pS2?

Ok so, here i am trying to put together some kind of xmas list, when i decide to get a family gift. I have never done a family gift for xmas before so i thgouht this year it might be kind of fun. I couldnt really think of too many things that we all would enjoy except video games. I can find ames for my 5 yr old, 9 yr old and myself too play together. But now i have to figure out which one would be better? So i ask anyone who may happen to read this which is probably not going too happen but just in case, which gaming system is the better family choice? Wii or Ps2?? Now i have done some research, not much lol And it seems like ps2 would ahve more too offer for thel ittle one as far as disney or kid type games, and football for any boys that stop by lol. But the wii would be soo cool to get up and get moving with. I want to try the tennis game sooo badly!! Ahhh i am soo confused! I am really leaning towards the ps2 simply due to the price and the game choices. Either way i think it might be fun =) I hope. Bc i could really use some fun lol

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