Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Are You?

Do you ever wonder how well you really know someone? Family, friends. co-workers, we asscoiate with so many individuals throught our lives. Some are with us for as long as we can remember, and others we may only know briefly. But no matter how long or short of time we spend with someone, how do we know who they really are? Or that the relationship we have developed with this person over time, is really what we think it is ? Our perception of each other is based only on the experiences that we have with them. The time and the conversations we put inth the relationship making it what it is or isnt. It is also based on the information that we openly communicate to those we think we know and wnat to be close with. And in return we assume the same. But we all have secrets. We all have as they say skeletons hiding in our closets. Some us feel so comfortable with another, whether it be a friend, sibling, co-worker what have you, that we end up divulging this information thinking that it is going to a safe place. Confiding in the one person we "think" we know. We fall prey to what we belive to be honesty and trust within the boundries of that friendship. And in return we too fail, at times, to present what should be totally honest and truth in regards to who we really are. Whether it be to insecurties based on age or past reactions. Fearing the reprocussions of something in our past that wasnt so good who knows. But when someone has lead you to "think" that you know who they are only to be stunned to find out you realy dont know them at all. At least not like you think you did. The revelation of truth is something of a slap in the face that stings for some time to come. But when it is ourselves that know we are misrepresenting who we are and what we are doing in life, this stings too. It hurts to not be heard. It hurts to know that you cannot be open about who you are, or how you feel . Whether it is being gay, addicted to a drug or alcohol, it can be a very lonely place. However, it is still a form of dishonesty and false perception that we have presented to those in our lives. Hoping they wil fal for it and believe us to be something we are not. I believe that most people are open and honest about who they are. For the selective few that are not shame on you and you deserve that lonely feeling that you face everyday. It will never equal to that of the pain that someone feels when they find out who you really are .

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