Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Chubby Chronicles......

Ok i have decided to start my chubby chronicles . Simply bc i figured if i am going to start making daily posts regarding my new health plan, and that sounds soo boring, i might as well give it a goofy name lol.
ok so just made it through day three- sort of lol. i snuck a few bites of potatoes at dinner. i know i know- but hey i have been so good thus far and my caloric intake for the day is still under 1,000. thats like almost half my normal intake. So i think im good. Food was decent today too. I liked it i didnt have to make anything or end up with a sink full of dirty dishes. all is good- except i dont think i am losing wt UGH! I feel less bloated sort of less stuffy , fat what ever you call it but trhat's it. scale remains the same pants are the same ugh. well i havent hit it with tready this week i know that would help. yeah it's been one of those weeks. i am super tired right now. and not too mention super depressed. i feel like my life is one of those strings hanging off the arm of the sweater- that just got caught on something and is unravelling at an unbelievable rate!! my god i will naked if i dont stop this castrophe LOL. it's like if i could ahve one thing go smoothly in my life it might ease the pain a little. but every thing from fianances, love, health, work, kids, even my renter refuses to leave the rental house!! why is that??? it's your time to go little man GET OUT !!! IT would only happen to me . unbelievable. and of course i am inlove with some one who doesnt love me. i think that is the worst. we started out this relationship on the same page and some how along the way you jumped novels on me . oh well. i know i deserve it . i am not able to give him what he wants cant be that trophy chic . so ok off to another day on the fat farm ugh. please god strike me dead!

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Teebok said...

I'm sorry to hear that your life isn't that great. I do sometimes feel that I have the clinical signs of depression right now, and I don't know why I'm depressed. I don't understand why I would, my life is pretty easy and I feel like a lot of my problems are stupid and brought on by myself. I hope that things clear up soon, and it does kind of suck because all my friends are busy with their own thing and it seems like they don't have time for me anymore. I hurt myself in this, and I don't know how to fix it or really what the problem is. Usually I don't let anything bother me but I've been stuck on this for a while but hopefully it will go away like most of my other problems. Who knows, I might go see a psychologist sometime and see what they have to say, campus health is free so. Thanks for the advice, I know that I don't need to be on the same pace as my friends but it's tough when it feels like your on a pace of your own, it feel like you're kind of alone and no one is there for me in case I need some help...but we'll see. I'm kind of tired and I'm going to bed...nite and good to hear from you. I'll likely keep my blog updated now, and that'll be good. But other than my self-diagnosed depression everything should be good or is good I assume. I like volunteering with EMS here. I love the excitement and the people and I love the fluidity of each shift. But I hope things that turn around for both of us. Good to hear from you though! :D