Friday, April 11, 2008

Chubby , less Chubby??

I have not done so good today. Well, no bad but i will say i fell off the wagon- slightly- i ate pizza hut. i cant help it. This day/week has been crap! I needed the support lol. But i did wiegh myself with all my clothes and at the end of the day and i was down 3lbs. So thinking that if it was in teh morning and i was butt naked- maybe 5 lbs?? LOL Well i can dream cant i?? Oh well that isstill really good i think. And i do like it so far it is easy andseems to be working so that is good.

But i tell you what isnt easy or working is my love life!!! What else is new right? I was seriously considering not talking to either of them anymore. it only makes me feel like shit when i do so why do i bother?? Bc i am weak. i know weak weak weak!! Such a lousy way to be. I always think of all those woman that are super hot, super rich, and they have any guy they want- or even dont want. I wil never be like that. But it sure would be nice for jsut one month to have the chance to know what that's like. Instead it just crumbs or the "i can take or leave her" . nice .

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