Thursday, May 29, 2008


yup sitting here waiting for the season finale of lost lol.
i am lost lol.
have hit the treadmill and the weights everynight this week so i am taking the night off- hey dont count me out yet, i have followed my plan great for the week thus far- no hittingthe scale for me though. i hate that damn thing lol!
about as much as i hate family members that lie to me! i mean whats the point? go lie to someone else but family no way! i dont care if i ever see your stupid face again- or your wife's for that matter.
really, i think there are times when lying is ok and others when it is life-saving. anyhting else is just a waste of breath lol.
personally, i think plan old in your face honesty is the best lol. ok well, you know what i mean lol.
aaargh .... is it nine yet???

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