Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the chubby... is back

ugh so my new program is not going as i would ahve hoped. and yes i have been following it and even been doing the same portion sizes on the weekends. I have allowed my self two cheat times during the week- but along with this i hav ebeen working out every other day.
This week i have added cardio into the mix and so now i am hitting the gym everyday- hoping to go for five days a week. already put in two days this week with over 2 miles to boot.
And STILL no change. I mean i feel like things are a little lost but not really that muc- and my caloric intake is barely 100o a day sometimes less!!! i dont know i dont think this is the deal for me and i defiantely hope that adding the cardio and uping my workouts to five times a week will help. It has in the past . eeks one can only hope! at least it is good for me if nothing else lol. and hey i will say my ass looks a bit better lol. it the only thing that has changed lol.
ok this blog it totally boring!
i must post something more tantelizng later :) i do have some enticing things to write about lol
ok back to my blah life -

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