Friday, June 27, 2008

the storeis that some will tell...

If there is one thing that drive me most mad-
One thing that I cannot tolerate
It has to be LYING!!
Especially by adults!! I mean for Gods sake grow up!!! Do we not have jobs? Possibly kids. partners, homes, etc to take care of?? How does anyone find the fucking time to create such pathetice stories of granduer????? I mean you must be totally bored or frigin out of your damn mind with insanity if you cannot find anything better to do than spread such hideous LIES about someone!!!
I tell you i hate it - Completely hate it with an intense passion!!
We do not conduct ourselves with honor dignity and respect just to have some low-life, piece of crap person attempt to ruin one's good name!!
You suck you STUPID WHITE BITCH!!!!!
pardon my fench:)

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