Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ok I finally heard from "him" today. It has been over ten days. The last email was all about how he wasnt feeling well, his dr found skin cancer- which can be serious etc etc. SO when i didnt hear from him i thought something was wrong. Nope he went on vaca to Egypt. Had a blast. Told me he was reading up on my notes and that i sounded up and down. Told me to buck up everyhitns will be fine. BUCK-UP?????WTF???Who syas that to a woman? And who is smoking the bad crack here? I couldnt believe it. I responded to him with this" You are such a man". That was it. Nothing more. Never emialed him like that . And have never been at a loss for wordsa with him either. I always loved emailing hime and telling him about stuff. But after that i was completely speechless. And what makes it worse he never even said anything about my birhtday!! Nothing. Is this typical guy or what? Ass maybe??? I get what i deserve. Ok so after i calmed down i did email him more. Just told him i missed him and that i was disappointed about not hearing from him on bday. Hey that is what woman love. Childish, immature i dont care. I love to hear little wishes notes on my bday. I also told him that he could be a little more understanding that i am starting a business. got two kids., work part-time just moved into this hous etc. and he is far away havent seen him since march=( Could he maybe be a little more understanding. I dont know i think that i am totally stuck inthe past. It is never going to be like it was. My feelings for him are not the same as what he feels for me. I hate this. I like it the way it was. Oh well. Chocolate cake awaits me.

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Teebok said...

haha buck up is a funny term. Probably not the best with what he tried to get across, but the thing is that, even though you don't think so, he is trying hard to brings things to a set inside himself. I'm sure there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't think of you or your kids, and how you are doing. He is just doing what all guys do and steeling himself to not be hurt again. He'll get his mind straight soon and then you'll know what is going on between you and him. Also in the same token, there has to be some kind of separation for both of you to realize what you really want. And don't wait on him to email you back, email him, but don't email as often as you are. Well tell you the truth, I have no idea what I'm talking about so...hahahah....but things'll get better, they always do, and eventually you two will get to an understanding point, although that may not be where you want to be...