Thursday, July 12, 2007

just another day............

As mothers i feel like we do so much for our families. I am constantly taking the kids here, getting them this or that. Picking up after them., feeding them lol. Which requires at least one trip to the store a week. Then there is the house, the dog, and most importantly the spouse. The king of the mantion. Right. So as long as everyone is happy and taken care of all should be well. Except i get tired. I get lost in the shuffle. So when my birthday arrive yeah i admit i get a little childish. I like all the hoopla and the attention. So one day a year i act like a child or at least want to try lol. Not this yr. Nope yesterday came anf went. Nothing. Just another day. Doing the same t hings I do any other day. My h didnt do anything my kids didnt do anything, they didnt even say anything!! My mom, nothing. Friends, welll one called and tried to sing to me lol. Now taht was funny and made me laugh. But other than that it was just another day in my life. I guess i am kind of bummed. I know when it comes to their bdays i will make sure t hings are done right, and special. But that is what me moms are suppose t o do right? So what if we get left out once in a while or most of the time lol. But what can i do? Just laugh and move on. Perhaps i will find something neat to buy myself. Oh i did take the girls to the fair. That was neat. I like to see them laughing and having so much fun!! They loved it and want to go back. I got bored. And spent way too much money! I cant believe how much a fair costs!! But hey it was all for the kids =)

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